Rachel Stumpo/ Photo Story

Philadelphia's City Hall is home to skillfully made statues engraved in the building. Starting in the center, I made way down a hallway that led me a bust of an elephants head looming above.

Situated near the elephant's head, two cherubic looking gargoyles are posed on either side of snake

The next hallway I walked down featured a bull's head with branches and twigs situated around its horns

Near the bull, a man struggles under the weight of the building. He reminds me of Atlas, the Greek Titan who holds the weight of the world on his shoulders

When walking through the hallways, I was reminded of themes from both Greece and China. This dragon sculpture curled the walls in the hallway that held Asian styles

This engraving reminded me of the painting The Death of Socrates. If Jacques Louis would have made a photo story, the next painting would have been similar to this--depicting Socrates after he took the hemlock

The statue of this woman had a counterpart--a man in the same position looking across at her from his pillar

Ever see one of those “Arts in Philadelphia” commercials? The ones featuring some celebrity has-been, like our Footloose friend Kevin Bacon, pitching the many things one can do in Philadelphia like listen to the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center or go to the Art Museum. Thing is, Kevin Bacon wants you to “visit the arts”, but he only wants you to do it if your money is involved. Mr. Bacon doesn’t mention that seeing the arts in Philadelphia can be done for free, whether its one of our many murals, the street musicians situated on corners, free galleries from up and coming artist, First Friday, the Free Library, etc. Sightseeing in Philadelphia is art enough, a point I validated with my photo story.

Most people are aware of the William Penn statute the stands atop Philadelphia’s City Hall, but do people realize that embedded in this magnificent building are exquisite figures that act as the eyes and ears of City Hall? I know that in my twenty years of living hear, I’ve never taken much notice to the figurines that blend in the nooks and curves of the building. However, walking around City Hall’s courtyard, I became enthralled by these statues that seemed to personify one of Philadelphia’s most memorable buildings.

One hour into my trip to City Hall, I was taking pictures like a mad woman. Ducking down, holding the camera above my head, upside down, in between my legs, you name it; I had enough pictures to make a photo book. A majority of these pictures were deleted, and then from there I was able to pick out seven photos that I felt corresponded the best with one another. I edited the photos to all have a warm temperature to them, as well as to have the highlights in all the photos a little white, like a light was shining on them. I wanted to add life to the photos and make them stand out a little more than they do in City Hall. Putting an order to the photos wasn’t all that difficult. I basically put them into the order of when I saw them; depending on what hallway I went down.


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